You will never achieve the desired makeup look if you don´t keep your skin in check. It´s easy to skip, but skincare is one of the real treatments we can do ourselves at home to change the future of our skin. No matter what skin type you have, there are three rituals we all will benefit from.Feel free to browse here Sminke.

-Use a facial cleanser in the morning to shed dead skin cells and oils that the skin so kindly tried to remove during the night, and repeat the ritual in the evening so that the air pollution and makeup products that came in contact with your skin during the day, don´t get to spend all night digging further in to it.

-Exfoliating. If you don´t already exfoliate your skin, you surely have heard of it. It comes in the shape of a scrub or as a peeling and it will renew your skin in a way no other easy home potion can do. It is vital to keep dry skin moist and oily skin dry.

-Moisturize everything! Moisturizers comes in different shapes, but it is so important that you find a moisturizer that suits you instead of just opting for the ‘Normal skin-type’ products (normal skin basically doesn’t exist, by the way) or skipping on it all together. It will keep your skin in check as it gets older, maintaining elasticity so that it won´t come hanging down your neck and an eye cream will actually hold the crows feet away for long time.


When you’re looking for an eye shadow, there’s a very easy trick you can do to make sure the eye shadow will stay on and last you for minimum a year. While in the store, simply rub the eye shadow tester on your fingertip and apply it to the back of your hand. If the color comes out as intense and in the same shade as you see in the box, the eye shadow is good. Cheaper eye shadows will tend to look a shade lighter on your hand. This means you will end up using a lot more product to get the effect you wanted.


If you use a liquid foundation, it should always be followed by a powder. Without the powder- as foundation contains water; it will evaporate during the day. This is why so many feel like they look spotty in the afternoon. A loose and transparent powder will give the most natural look.


Never limit yourself to one makeup look. It´s important to experiment and vary your makeup routines as it will make a bigger ´wow-effect´. Don´t be afraid to go without makeup either, this is going to allow you to see the difference and which aspects you actually cherish about your own makeup.


Keep your brushes clean! This will save you from a lot of unwanted bacteria contaminating your skin. Use shampoo or a disinfecting alcohol solution once a month.


Know your colors:

Red brings out Green and vice versa

Blue brings out Orange and vice versa

Yellow brings out Purple and vice versa

So if you have blond hair, you will be well suited in purple colors, and if you have blue eyes they will come out even stronger if you use a bronze color (bronze contains orange).

If you have green eyes, they will look clearer with burgundy eye shadow or red lips, and if you have red hair you will always look great in the color green.

These simple steps are perhaps the most important tool we use as makeup artists and stylists when we are mapping out which colors to use in makeup and clothing.


Dare to use red lips at least once in your life. It´s all about finding the right color, and if the color contains a good portion of blue, your teeth will look whiter!


Always soften out any edges you make with colors. The most common flaw girls do is to leave the edges of the eye shadow, blush and foundation with a sharp line. This will draw attention and will also give an appearance of something being false or too much.


Use a shiny eye shadow without glitter in a tone lighter than your own skin tone over cheek bones, along the nose bone, just over the lip on the cupids bow and in the inner corners of your eyes to always get that healthy and fresh look to any makeup.